You are a leader, organiser or part of a group that wants to develop their competences in the area of group or individual coaching and you need professional support or facilitation? Our trainers are available to assist you in all the steps regarding the successful implementation of an educational program. Starting from the assessment of the learning needs of participants, defining the learning outcomes, designing the program specifically tailored to your needs and professionally delivering and facilitating the event itself, our trainers can provide exceptional quality and achieving the learning outcomes with long-term results. For more information about trainers, click here.


At Syncro Professional we offer several multi-day experiential workshops, that we call trainings, in which you can develop your communication skills, transferring your ideas into action, increase confidence in yourself and your decisions, develop your leadership style and risk-taking competences, increase your self-expression in personal and professional relationships and find more fulfillment in life and achieving your important goals. We offer several types of trainings:


The coaching training is and intensive practical training for developing coaching skills and techniques based on learning by experience. It is meant for those who are working with people (trainers, mentors, educators, psychologists, special educators, social workers, team leaders, all who want to enrich their competences with coaching techniques and tools and develop their own coaching style.

Program elements

  • Basic skills of a coach, self-evaluation and action plan for learning and development
  • Conversation flow model and coaching session elements
  • GROW model
  • Creating a connection with the client
  • Coaching techniques in conversation
  • Body work and moods
  • Emotional states
  • Internal map of reality and sub-modalities
  • Systemic work
  • Coaching tools
  • Supervision in small groups
  • Group coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Ethics


Number of days: 5

After successfully completing the training, the participants will:

  • Know how to use the coaching techniques and tools in working with their clients
  • Improve their listening skills and recognizing ‘what is missing’
  • Develop their communication skills and improve personal and professional relationships
  • Realize the connection between body and moods and incorporate the tools in working with emotions
  • Understand how to support others in setting and achieving their goals
  • Know how to use coaching tools in achieving their personal goals, also known as self- coaching
  • Develop their own coaching style

I think this training would work well for anyone who is interested in coaching or potentially interested. It is good to help people decide more easily if they’d like to go into coaching professionally or not. Also teaches great coaching techniques that can be applied in everyday situations.“

– R. S., USA, trainer and facilitator, May 2016


Mind-blowing training. Like entering another dimension. Excellent chance for self development and growth. And for meeting similarly minded people.“

– K. F., Croatia, project manager, May 2016


The coaching training is an intense course where you learn the basics of coaching and how to put it into practice right away.“

– M. B., Switzerland, psychotherapy student, October 2015


I would recommend this training to people who have no previous experience regarding coaching or to those who would like to practice coaching skills in a great place.“

– R. Z. R., Spain, teacher and adults’ trainer, October 2015


As a coach I learnt a lot of new techniques I’d not been aware of before. I’ve become a lot more aware of the use of the body in this work and I have built a lot more confidence. The trainers are excellent, knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated. The content is on a high level and will enable you to learn many transferable skills, as well as take the first steps towards coaching.“

– R. B., UK, youth worker , May 2015


I would recommend the training. It is practical, well thought – through and it can be applied in many aspects of life.“

– M. T., Croatia, psychologist, May 2015


“This is the training course that would help you both achieve your goals and develop as a coach, or develop your working with people skills. Methods used are very creative and simple at the same time. At the end of the training, you´ll find yourself having travelled a long journey, even if during the training you don t feel like it, because everything is in a nice flow, going smoothly.”

– D. V., Lithunia, coordinator of social projects and trainer , September 2014


“I would describe the training as a possibility where change can occur! As a colorful playground, where next to presented techniques, we as participants throw in another bag of toys to play with and to share them in order to grow.”

– V. V., Croatia/Hungary, event manager, September 2014


I would recommend this training for the wonderful and in-depth learning that is vital to every aspect of life that involves interaction with people and even with oneself. I think everyone should know these skills. „

– S. C., Ireland, entrepreneur and freelance project manager , May 2014

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The goal of Training for trainers and facilitators is to enable the participants to independently develop and deliver shorter educational programs or workshops. The program is meant for those who are working with people (educators, group leaders, teachers, psychologists, rehabilitators, team leaders and organizers of educational programs. Program includes unique understanding of elements of preparing, delivering and evaluating educational programs, and ensures that the participants can immediately star using the competences they developed.

Training elements:

  • Principles of non-formal education
  • Setting development goals
  • Methodology in working with groups
  • Learning by modeling
  • Successful presentation
  • Dominant learning styles
  • Communication styles
  • Function of activity type in group learning process
  • Experience in delivering activities
  • Reflection about what was learned and transfer
  • Group dynamics


Number of days: 5

After successfully completing the training, the participants will:

  • Be able to assess the learning needs of the group and individuals
  • Understand and deliver (facilitate) group and individual learning process
  • Learn the main elements in designing a program
  • Develop the skills of maintaining a meaningful conversation with the participants
  • Improve their skills in working in a team
  • Develop their skills in self-evaluating their learning goals and competences as well as how to organize their own learning
  • Incorporate the tools for evaluation in their educational programs

„I have become aware of my communication competences, group work and facilitation. My comfort zone has significantly expanded and I feel confident in front of the group in the role of a trainer. This training has opened my eyes, and created a pathway towards new opportunities. I had a chance to work with competent people, and to gain skills and knowledge in order to be a competent trainer.”

– L.H., young activist, BIH, February 2016


“Great concept, we have built our competences going through layers and layers of being a trainer.”

– V.Č., student, BIH, February 2016


“I have learnt to ask a quality question, to manage myself in space, work with spontaneity, work in couple, to design a training, the difference between the personal and professional as a trainer. I have learned to see the mistakes and accept them…. I have learned to observe my target group. I have learned why I am here. And I realized now where I want to continue.”

– F.G., young activist, BIH, February 2016


“This training is an excellent opportunity to learn more about ourselves, about what we want, and to improve already existing skills and knowledge“

– S.M., student, BIH, February 2016


„Continue doing what you are doing in a way you are doing, and keep on ‘enlightening’ people. I am sure they are going to be extremely grateful, just as we were. In one word – perfect.

– E.Z., young activist and student, BIH, February 2016

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Basic Syncro Training is an intensive eight-day workshop for all those who are at the turning point in life, who want to challenge and refresh their experience and increase the level of their effectiveness in producing the results they want in life. It is meant for those who know they have potential for a more fulfilled reality, more energy in life and achieving more. Also, for those who don’t, who think it is unreachable or beyond their control. The goal is to rediscover your abilities and consciously take responsibility for your results, no matter the circumstances. The training teaches the skills and practical tools to help individuals to connect with their creativity and return to the source of possibilities and choice, instead of acting out of habitual ways of thinking and doing. The result is a deepened sense of confidence in yourself and your own abilities in achieving your goals.

This is developed though the process where we create the conditions for participants to learn how to observe better and to accept the internal processes and their effects – mostly unconscious automatic reactions. Then we practice how to consciously shape these processes and turn them to action, how to choose our response to different situations. These results with time increase and become even more valuable.

  • Learning how to observe more effectively; recognizing the difference between facts and interpretations and the effect they have on our lives
  • Observing our own roles we take in life
  • Personal responsibility for our own reactions
  • Workshops for self-expression and spontaneity
  • Creative goal-setting starting from our vision
  • Turning the vision to action that brings results
  • Practical tools for organizing our own learning

Number of days: 8

After successfully completing the training, the participants will:

  • Have a deeper sense of confidence in their abilities and values
  • Understand their role and responsibility in creating results they want to see in life
  • Learn how to express better and head towards what they want, instead of avoiding what they don’t want
  • Learn how to accept the risk and effectively deal with it
  • Know how to creatively set goals starting from the vision, instead of what is missing
  • Increase their role as a leader in realizing their vision and what is possible for themselves and their relationships

“Amazing is the word I would use. I wanted to be the part of a program and I got the last minute call. I left things that I was doing before and went straight for it. I didn’t make a mistake. On the contrary, It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made.“

– A. V., Croatia, July 2016


“The program met all of my expectations and even more.  I would do it again and I would recommend it everyone to apply as well. It was fun but more importantly it provided a lot of learning opportunities and a lot of insights that I believe will help me improve different areas in my life.“

– V. Č, Croatia, July 2016


“This was an extremely inspiring experience for me…. I learned that I am responsible for my own life and finding excuses doesn’t help. I learned that sometimes I just need to ask to get things done, that I should be active in chasing what I want, and not postpone or wait for things to happen.“

– B. D., Bulgaria, July 2016


“It was like a ride on a roller coaster. Something that you are a bit or a lot afraid of but once you do it you think it was awesome and wonderful… I learned a lot about myself and more importantly how to be a better version of myself. I could definitely say that I have developed and that I am very proud of myself because I did a lot of things that I’ve thought that I’m not brave enough to do.“

– P. D., Bulgaria, November 2015


“I learned to have more self-confidence, not to quit, collaborating with people and finding solutions, to speak up, to listen to the others, to think before I act. To plan to find strategies, to survive and to create successes in life while enjoying it.“

– V. T., Greece, November 2015


“This was a new amazing experience for me. I started without very clear expectations and every day was a surprise to me. I’ve learned something in every moment for these days. It was inspiring.“

– S. B., Italy, September 2015


“I’ve learned to enjoy everything I do, even the things I don’t like doing. I overcame my fear of being judged by people. I become more confident in relation to other people. I am more aware of my successes.“

  • D. A., Romania, September 2015


“I developed my personal skills and I understand myself better. I started to see more possibility in my life and became more creative. This was one of the best adventures of my life.„

– P. M., Poland, January 2014


“Theoretical part was very clear and realistic, and interaction with the group gives the chance to put in practice what you learned.“

– F. T., Romania, January 2014


“The most useful part for me was the circle of creativity because it helped me to understand where is my principle obstacle in my creative process and gave me a way to work with it and go beyond.“

– E. S. M., Spain, January 2014


“The team was so professional and well-prepared every time and I was surprised with every activity.“

– S. C., Romania, January 2014


“I learned to be more confident and to believe in myself.“

– M. G., Croatia, August 2013


“I learned how to work in team, how to be a good leader and to support other members of the team. I learned how to communicate better with people that I didn’t know before and how to cooperate with them. I learned that I can do so much more than I thought I could. „

– P. H., Croatia, August 2013


I’ve realised that stretching our comfort zone we fight with our fears and that we have to face the things we don’t like by stopping making excuses.“

– D. M., Croatia, August 2013

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The Advanced Syncro Training is about your relationship with yourself. It is designed as an intensive workshop in which you get to reevaluate your attitudes, values, roles in life, results, self-expression, fears and emotions. Though the experiential activities and interaction with the group you have the opportunity to break through your habitual beliefs to a new level of creativity and energy in life. The result is a deep long-lasting sense of confidence in yourself and certainty about your competences in dealing with life’s circumstances.

The basic method of the training is learning through experience – by experimenting with your thoughts, emotions and communication with your surroundings. In ontological coaching we use experiential learning as a method for evaluating the ways in which we understand our roles, in our working environment and if there is any misbalance between different roles. Through and array of purposefully designed and delivered activities, the participant is challenged to try out new behavior in safe and controlled environment. This creates an opportunity to look at the cause and effect of it, which is the basis for the change in the desired direction.

The content of the training is individual since it’s provided by the participants’ personal reactions, thoughts and emotions that result through the experience. The activities are guided in experimenting, role playing, dyads, group interactions, visualizations, close-eyed processes and others.  In all the processes the participant is an actor who is dealing with their own content in the controlled environment established by the trainer. The insights that arise are the new knowledge of one’s self, so called ‘AHA’ moments.

  • Personal evaluation of what is working and what is not working in your life
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Working with emotional states and moods
  • Getting out of the habitual ways of thinking and acting
  • Working with the body and self-expression
  • Turning the fear into the source of power
  • Creating a new context for yourself and your life

Number of days: 5

After successfully completing the training, the participants will

  • Have a long-lasting sense of confidence and trust in themselves
  • Create a clear vision of what is important for them and what they want
  • Find the strength and commitment to achieve what they envision
  • More easily forgive themselves and other for the mistakes
  • Know how to create more successful personal and professional relationships
  • More easily deal with the uncertainty of life

“This training helped me to connect to, to confront and to investigate my own fears, self-imposed limits and the ways in which I subconsciously obstructed my life’s potential. Also it helped me to deepen my relationships with people, to understand more and take the steps to connect deeply to my family, friends and co-workers. I’m able to see things in a wider perspective and to participate more actively in everyday life.“

– M. K., CEO, Croatia, September 2011

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For leaders and project managers of non-profit and other educational organizations in the fields of non-formal and experiential learning, seminars, workshops and other socially beneficial work, we offer the service of consulting and mentoring in different fields:

  • Managing successful business based on entrepreneurial mindset
  • Leading and motivating the project team
  • Designing and implementing the EU projects
  • Non-profit sector in Croatia
  • Strategic and operational planning

With our long experience in organizing and managing non-profit organizations, we can help you find the solutions for your questions in what are often complicated and unpredictable circumstances in educational programs for youth and adults. Contact us with confidence!