Syncro is a coaching and training organization specialized in finding excellence in personal and professional life of individuals and groups. We recognize the differences and uniqueness of each person and answer the question of how to best use our own unique potential. Our vision is to create a world that works for everyone, through ground-breaking innovative coaching and personal development programs.

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Out team consist of professionals in the field of education, training and coaching. We are specialized in supporting group and individuals overcoming their challenges in personal and professional life.

Since the start of the company in 2013, we have:

  • Group coached more than 500+ international people
  • Held more than 8000+ hours of education and trainings for international youth workers, young professionals, coaches, trainers, mentors, project managers, educators
  • Supported establishing new buissneses in Croatia and abroad
  • Facilitated meetings for ( same industry) professionals, conflicted groups, diversed groups with a common goal
  • Trained and coached more than 100 professionals in aquiring coaching skills and methods in working with people
  • Trained more than 60 professionals in developing trainers skills
  • Mentored and supervised more than 20 educational projects within EU program Erasmus +