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Would you like to refresh the quality of your relationships?  There is a mountain of challenge in front of you and you find it difficult to create balance between your obligations and your wants? You ask yourself where is the enthusiasm you once had for your work and life?  You are dissatisfied, stuck in routine, and ready to breakthrough to a new level?

Coaching is a type of conversation, a confidential relationship between a coach and a client in which the coach supports the client in realizing his/her personal and professional potential. Coaching is focused at clarifying client’s ambitions and realizing goals. Coach supports a client in overcoming the limiting thoughts and believes, in other words the ‘stepping stones’, which enables client’s contentment, progress and excellence.

The role of the coach is to support you in finding your own best way. In coaching we observe that people are COMPLETE – in their nature they have all the resources needed in realizing the life they want. How come then, if we are complete and we know what we want, so frequently we end up dissatisfied and unhappy?

As we go through life, we inevitably learn and add information about ourselves and the world. The way we observe that information determines opportunities that are available to us and the one that are not. Observation influences directly on the mood we feel and actions we take. The results we get in life are the direct outcome of the undertaken action determined by the underlying beliefs. When life doesn’t work, the feeling is a lost sense direction and clarity in life.

Coach, as an independent observer, helps to untangle the story of the client, and to have them become aware of their own observation. The goal of coaching is to help the client breakthrough to a new level of observation and action. This new perspective opens the way for a different experience of life, and creating results outside of what used to be possible. 

 Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Create a vision for yourself, and start to realize it
  • Advance your self-guiding and decision-making
  • Enhance the quality of your relationships, private and professional
  • Start with new projects in life
  • Find your own strong sides and use them to create conditions for the life you want
  • Create a balance and reduce stress


Coaching can be helpful in any area in life: in private, family or business field. Usually the enhancement in one life area contributes to enhancement in all other areas.

Results you can expect after coaching are:

  • Raised self-awareness
  • Raised self-confidence
  • Creating harmony in life
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Strengthening the sentiment of content
  • Experiencing more fun and enjoyment
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • More proactivity
  • Improved performance in work
  • More daring in setting and accomplishing goals
  • More quality in private and professional relationship


In our approach, we use methods of ontological coaching, NLP techniques, constructive feedback, visualisations, working with body and techniques of mastery of emotions.


The result after several coaching sessions can be a deepened sense of confidence and peace as well as clarity about which step to take forward in life.